What is another word for water lily?

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Water lily, a beautiful aquatic plant, is known for its enchanting allure and fascinating scent. It is also referred to as lotus, pond lily, or water lotus, and has significant cultural and religious symbolism in several cultures worldwide. The water lily originates from various parts around the world and is cultivated for its elegant aesthetic and medicinal values. Another interchangeable word for water lily is Nymphaea, a genus of aquatic plants that consists of about 50 different species. Whether you call it a lotus, pond lily, Nymphaea, or water lotus, this plant holds a special place in many people's hearts and minds.

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The water lily is a beautiful and delicate flower that favors water gardens and swamps. This graceful plant can grow up to 12 inches in height and have broad, fan-like leaves up to 14 inches wide. The flowers are white, with a pink or purple center and are pollinated by bees. The water lily is in the Lily family and is related to the orchid. The water lily gets its name from its ability to float on the surface of water due to its long petals.

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