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[ zˈapəs], [ zˈapəs], [ z_ˈa_p_ə_s]

Zapus is a genus of rodents commonly referred to as meadow jumping mice. These small animals are known for their impressive jumping abilities and are often found in grassy fields and meadows. The term 'Zapus' actually originated from the Greek word 'zapein', which means to skip or hop. Some synonyms for the word Zapus include hopper, jumper, and leaper, as these accurately describe the movement and behavior of these mice. Other related words include ricochet, bounce, and spring, which also highlight the agility and grace of these tiny animals. Whatever word you choose to use, one thing is for sure; these creatures are truly remarkable in their athletic abilities and make for fascinating subjects of study for animal lovers and researchers alike.

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    Usage examples for Zapus

    zapus hudsonius and Microtus pennsylvanicus were trapped in Deer Draw in association with white-footed mice.
    "Mammals of Northwestern South Dakota"
    Kenneth W. Andersen
    zapus princeps princeps J. A. Allen.
    "Mammals of the Grand Mesa, Colorado"
    Sydney Anderson
    Alcorn took zapus in grassy areas at the edge of water, in an old gravel pit, and at the site of an old sawmill.
    "Mammals taken Along the Alaska Highway"
    Rollin H. Baker

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