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Zaragoza is a Spanish city located in the province of Aragon. It is also known by its historical name, Caesar Augusta. When it comes to synonyms for Zaragoza, there are many options depending on the language and context. Some commonly used synonyms for Zaragoza are Saragossa in English, Saragosse in French, or Saragossa in Italian. In Spanish, several synonyms could be used, such as La Cuna de la Hispanidad, La Ciudad del Ebro or La Csuta del Pilar. All of these names refer to the same beautiful and historic city with its rich and diverse cultural heritage.

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    Zaragoza, usually written with a lower case z, is the capital of the autonomous community of Aragon, in the north-east of Spain. The city proper has a population of around 1,787,000 in the 2013 census. It is also the administrative capital of the Aragonese Autonomous Community. Zaragoza is traditionally considered the cultural and artistic hub of the autonomous community and is home to the Aragonese Theatre of the Golden Age. The city has been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019.

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