What is another word for zhou?

Pronunciation: [ʒˈuː] (IPA)

Zhou is a Chinese word that has several synonyms, all of which are based on different meanings and contexts of the term. Some of the most popular Zhou synonyms include 'porridge,' 'gruel,' 'soup,' 'stew,' 'broth,' and 'congee.' The word 'porridge' is generally used to describe a thick, creamy dish that is made by boiling grains or cereal in milk or water. Gruel, on the other hand, refers to a thin, watery dish made from boiled grains. Soup, stew, and broth are all liquid dishes that are often served as the main course, while congee is a rice-based porridge that is typically eaten for breakfast.

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      Zhu, ZOU, zhuo.

What are the hypernyms for Zhou?

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    place, region, geographical location, chinese dynasty, Chinese monarch, ancient Chinese era.

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