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[ɛkstɹˈɪnzɪk], [ɛkstɹˈɪnzɪk], [ɛ_k_s_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_n_z_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Extrinsic:

extraneous (adjective)

alien, detached, disaffiliated, disconnected, disjoint, dissociated, eerie, estranged, exotic, external, extraneous, extraterrestrial, foreign, foreign-born, immaterial, impertinent, inadmissible, inapplicable, inappropriate, irrelevant, nonessential, other, outer, outlandish, outside, parenthetical, removed, segregated, separate, separated, strange, unaffiliated, unallied, unessential, unrelated.

objective (adjective)

disinterested, exterior, impartial, non-subjective, objective, peripheral, surface, unbiased.

outward (adjective)

face, outward.

Other synonyms and related words:

Irrelative, Unapt, accidental, acquired, adrift, adscititious, advenderived from without, adventitious, apparent, ascititious, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, beside the mark, beside the point, beside the question, bodily, carnal, circumstantial evidence, collateral evidence, constructive evidence, contingent, conventionalized, cortical, critical, cumulative evidence, demonstration, derived from without, different, documentary evidence, doped, eccentric, epidermic, evidence in chief, evident, ex parte evidence, excentric, exomorphic, exoteric, expatriate, exposed, external evidence, extramural, extraorganismal, extraregarding, extrinsical, false, fleshly, formal, formalist, formalistic, formulary, fortuitous, fringe, from without, gained, hearsay evidence, immigrant, impersonal, imported, inapposite, inapt, incidental, inconsequent, inessential, internal evidence, intrinsic evidence, intrusive, legalistic, manifest, material, modal, mundane, nihil ad rem, nominal, non-essential, non-spiritual, nonnative, nonsubjective, not at issue, not pertinent, observable, obvious, off the subject, open, oral evidence, ostensible, out, out of place, out-of-doors, out-of-the-way, outermost, outland, outlying, outmost, outstanding, outward-facing, parenthetic, pedantic, physical, presumptive evidence, pretended, proof, public, remote, repugnant, roundabout, secular, seeming, shallow, skin-deep, stylized, superficial, temporal, terrestrial, ulterior, unassimilable, unconnected, unearthly, unfamiliar, unfitting, unknown, unnecessary, unneeded, unrequired, visible, worldly.

Rhymes for Extrinsic:

  1. intrinsic;