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[dˈɪfɹənt], [dˈɪfɹənt], [d_ˈɪ_f_ɹ_ə_n_t]

Synonyms for Different:

different (adjective)

abnormal, asymmetric, conflicting, contradictory, contrary, contrasting, differing, discordant, disparate, dissimilar, distinct, divergent, diverse, heterogeneous, mismatched, nonuniform, unalike, unequal, unlike, unmatched, various, varying.

dissimilar (adjective)

aberrant, inconsistent, opposite.

diverse (adjective)

digressed, diversified, multifarious.

nonconforming (adjective)

anomalous, atypical, bizarre, crazy, crosspatch, curious, deranged, deviant, eccentric, erratic, exceptional, extraordinary, fey, freakish, funny, idiosyncratic, improper, incompatible, incongruous, irregular, misfit, mismatch, nonconforming, novel, odd, oddball, oddity, off, out of the ordinary, outlandish, peculiar, quirky, singular, strange, un-ordinary, uncommon, unconventional, uncustomary, unfamiliar, unique, untypical, unusual.

nonuniform (adjective)

deviating, varied.

special (adjective)

characteristic, definite, discriminating, distinguishing, feature, hallmark, individual, keynote, particular, precise, special, specialized, specific.

unequal (adjective)

discrete, disproportionate, lopsided, separate, uneven, unfair.

Other synonyms and related words:

Daedal, Hybridized, Inconsonant, Unapt, Unmeet, Varietal, a far cry from, ablude, absolute, absolutely, absurd, abundant, additional, adopted, advanced, adverse, alien, alienated, alike, all kinds of, all manner of, alloyed, alluring, alone, alter, altered, altering, alternate, alternative, amalgamated, amorphous, ancontrary, and what not, anomalistic, another, another one, another story, antagonistic, anthologized, antipathetic, antipodal, antipodean, antithetic, antithetical, antonymous, any more, apart, assimilated, assorted, asunder, asymmetrical, at a different, at another, at any- time, at cross purposes, at odds, at opposite extremes, at some other, at variance, at various times, au courant, authentically, avant-garde, away, back up, backup, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, barmy, be different, be discordant, beginning, belief, bent, blended, blunder, borrowed, brand-new, brewed, broad, cacophonous, camp, capricious, certain, certainly, changeable, changed, changing, choppy, clash, clashing, class, class unmatched, classify, collected, collective, colorful, come amiss, comer, commission, complex, composite, compound, concrete, conflict, conglomerate, consistent, conspicuous, contemporary, contradict, contradistinct, contradistinctive, contrariant, contrarient, contrarious, contrast, contrasted, contrastive, converse, copious, coterminous, counter, counterpole, crank, crankish, cranky, creative, crisp, crossbred, crossed, crotchety, crude, current, cutting edge, dead against, defined, depart, departing, derived, desultory, detached, detailed, determinate, deviate, deviation, deviative, deviatory, dewy, diacritic, diagnostic, diametric, diametrical, diametrically opposed, diametrically opposite, differ, differ longo intervallo, differ toto coelo, difference, differential, differentiate, differentiated, differently, differing toto coelo, disaccordant, disagree, disagreeing, disconnected, disconsonant, discrepancy, discrepant, discretely, discriminated, disharmonious, disinvolved, disjoined, disordered, disorderly, disparity, disproportion, dissent, dissimilarity, dissonant, distant, distantly, distinctive, distinguishable, distinguished, divaricate, diverge, diverging, divers, diversely, diversiform, divided, do not, does he, dotty, elsewhere, embodied, enormously, enticing, epicene, equal, equivalent, erose, err, errand, error, esoteric, especial, estranged, even, eventually, exceed, exception, excessively, excluded, exclusion, exclusive -or, exiled, exotic, expatriate, express, external, extralocal, extraneous, extraordinarily, extreme, extremely, extrinsic, factional, factious, fall short of, fantastic, far, far apart, far cry, far from it, far-fetched, far-off, far-out, faraway, farther, fascinating, fashionable, fault, feeling, fifty-fifty, fixed, flaky, flipside, foreign, form, formless, freak, freaky, fresh, from abroad, further, fused, glamorous, gleaming, glistening, grating, greatly, green, grotesque, habitual, hardly like, harmonious, harsh, hers, heteroclite, heterogenous, heteromorphic, him, his, hostile, hot, hot off the press, hybrid, idea, identical, idiocratic, ill-matched, imaginative, immature, immigrant, immoderate, imported, impulsive, in conflict, in disagreement, inaccessible, inaccordant, inappropriate, incoherent, incommensurable, incommensurate, incomparable, incongruent, inconstant, incorporated, indeed, independent, independently, indiscriminate, individualistic, individually, indivisible, inexperienced, infused, inharmonious, inimitable, inner, innovative, inordinate, interbred, interchangeable, interchanging, interdenominational, intimate, introduced, inventive, irreconcilable, isolated, it, itself, jagged, jangling, jar, jarring, jerky, joint, jostle, judgment, just out, kind, kinky, kneaded, kookie, kooky, lack, late, latest, legion, leveler, like, like night and day, lone, ludicrous, maggoty, makeshift, malapropos, manifold, many, many-sided, march to a different drummer, married, matchless, memorable, mental, mercurial, merged, messenger, mingled, mint, minute, misallied, miscellaneous, miscellaneous assorted, mismated, misrelated, mission, mistake, misunderstand one another, mixed, modern, modernistic, modified, modish, mongrel, mosaic, motley, multifaceted, multifold, multiform, multigenerous, multiple, multiplex, multiplied, multitudinal, multitudinous, multivarious, must not, mutable, natural, negative, neoteric, new, newborn, newfangled, no such thing, nonconformist, nonequivalent, nonidentical, nonnative, nonresident, nonstandard, not alike, not domestic, not like, not native, not ordinary, not similar, not the same, notable, noteworthy, notion, now, number of, numerous, nutty, of every description, off-base, off-color, off-key, off-the-wall, offbeat, official assignment, offshore, omnifarious, omniform, on a sour note, on which occasion, one, one fine morning, one more, one's duty, only, opinion, opposed, opposing, ordinary, original, other, other side, other time, otherwise, out, out of keeping, outrageous, outside, outstanding, outward, overseas, own, paradoxical, particularly, peculiarly, peerless, peregrine, personal, personalized, personally, picturesque, pluralistic, polar, pole, poles apart, poles asunder, polyglot, polymorphic, polymorphous, populous, pre-eminent, preternatural, private, proper, psycho, quaint, quarreling, quite another thing, quite the contrary, radical, ragged, ranging, rare, raw, really, recent, recognizable, reduce, remarkable, remote, remotely, removed, repugnant, reserved, resist, respective, rest of, reverse, reversed, revolutionary, ridiculous, romantic, rough, rum, same, scarcely like, screwball, screwy, secluded, second, select, selfsame, send, separated, separately, several, severally, shapeless, short of, single, sole, solipsistic, solitary, some, some day, some other, someone else, something else, sort, sparkling, spasmodic, species, specifically, specified, spick-and-span, sporadic, startling, state of the art, steady, stop, stray, straying, strident, striking, style, subnormal, substantially, substitute, sui generis, sundry, supplemental, surprising, surrogate, suspicious, temporary, tertium quid, the latest, them, tied, topical, tout au contraire, transform, transfused, transoceanic, transposed, true, twin, twisted, ultramodern, unaccustomed, unaffiliated, unallied, unassociated, unbecoming, uncanny, unclassified, unconformable, uncongenial, unconnected, uncontaminated, uncoordinated, uncorrelated, uncoupled, undivided, unequable, unequalled, unequivalent, unexampled, unexpected, unexplored, unfit, unfitting, unforgettable, unharmonious, unheard-of, unidentical, uniform, uninvolved, unitary, united, unknown, unlinked, unmelodious, unmixable, unmusical, unnatural, unofficial, unorthodox, unparalleled, unprecedented, unprocessed, unrecognizable, unrelated, unrepresentative, unresembling, unsame, unseasoned, unseemly, unsimilar, unskilled, unspoiled, unstable, unsteady, unsuitable, unsuited, unsystematic, untested, untouched, untrained, untried, untrodden, ununiform, unused, up-to-date, upon which, utterly, variable, variant, variation, varicolored, variegated, variety, variety of, variform, variously, vary, very, virginal, voluminous, wacky, wandering, wavering, way out, weird, what did he, when, whenever, whensoever, whimsical, widely apart, wild, wool, worlds apart, woven, yet, young, youthful.

Rhymes for Different:

  1. indifferent;

Quotes for Different:

  1. I think we're tremendously different than the series, if they were to tune in to the series after seeing the movie they might be disappointed. That there was, you know, that they might have some kind of adverse reaction. Gillian Anderson.
  2. These syllables, about 2, 300 in number, were mixed together and then drawn out by chance and used to construct series of different lengths, several of which each time formed the material for a test. Hermann Ebbinghaus.
  3. I'm definitely nervous and excited. I feel like I've been playing off -Broadway, not to say that Boston doesn't have a great theatre district or great theatre, but it's not going to Broadway; it's just a different city. Todd English.

Idioms of Different:

  1. know different
  2. different as night and day;
  3. sing a different tune;