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What is another word for imbue?

288 synonyms found


[ɪmbjˈuː], [ɪmbjˈuː], [ɪ_m_b_j_ˈuː]

Synonyms for Imbue:

flood (verb) infuse (verb) teach (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Common misspellings for Imbue:

  • iceburgh,
  • imige,
  • amybe,
  • imge,
  • umbued,
  • imore,
  • immuse,
  • immuno,
  • immuen,
  • ambur,
  • mibor,
  • imoble,
  • imake,
  • immatue,
  • ummune,
  • imte,
  • embyo,
  • imbide,
  • imdb,
  • imege,
  • imune,
  • imun,
  • imborn,
  • imbark,
  • imovie,
  • ambuse,
  • imade,
  • nmuber,
  • ormaybe,
  • mmaybe,
  • imbody,
  • ambea,
  • imburse,
  • embace,
  • imbd,
  • imgae,
  • immne,
  • immige,
  • immoble,
  • imede,
  • embues,
  • emmune,
  • umble,
  • immume,
  • imvu,
  • wimba,
  • embeued,
  • embibe,
  • embue,
  • imorve,
  • i'vbe,
  • anumbe,
  • mybee,
  • ammue,
  • immue,
  • immunue,
  • immun,
  • iceburge,
  • timbe,
  • imate,
  • emburse,
  • imee,
  • imaje,
  • immunne,
  • imunne.

Rhymes for Imbue:

  1. screw, brew, lu, thew, u, through, woo, chou, flu, true, ku, flue, glue, zhou, due, hue, yew, rue, shew, shoo, crew, stew, blue, yue, threw, blew, dew, cue, view, shoe, queue, two, wu, pu, ru, gu, drew, slew, shrew, boo, goo, sioux, bleu, do, who, chew, gnu, jew, new, zoo, clue, strew, skew, too, hew, few, knew, loo, grew, coup, sue, spew, coo, pew, lieu, moo, mew;
  2. unglue, fondue, bamboo, review, outdo, untrue, redo, askew, revue, ado, canoe, taboo, wahoo, anew, construe, ensue, peru, debut, undo, renew, tatu, withdrew, adieu, babu, subdue, pursue, baku, miscue, undue, ague, accrue, eschew, cebu;
  3. overdue, kangaroo, hitherto, misconstrue, overdo, iou, katmandu, depardieu, overthrew;
  4. hullabaloo;

Quotes for Imbue:

  1. In every society in human history, including the United States, those in power seek to imbue themselves with the attributes of religion and patriotism as a way of getting greater support for their policy and insulating themselves from any criticism. George J. Mitchell.
  2. That's why I wrote this book: to show how these people can imbue us with hope. I read somewhere that when a person takes part in community action, his health improves. Something happens to him or to her biologically. It's like a tonic. Studs Terkel.

Idioms of Imbue:

  1. imbue sm with sth;
  2. imbue sb/ sth with sth;

Adjectives for Imbue:

  • sweet.