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What is another word for cover?

217 synonyms found


[k_ˈʌ_v_ə], [kˈʌvə], [kˈʌvə]

Synonyms for Cover:

defense (noun) plug (noun) pretension (noun) refuge (noun) screen (noun) shade (noun) cover (verb) defend (verb) enclose (verb) harbor (verb) plug (verb) pretend (verb) protect (verb) shade (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Cover:

  1. shover, hover, lover;
  2. uncover, recover, discover;
  3. undercover;

Quotes for Cover:

  1. One way of looking at speech is to say it is a constant stratagem to cover nakedness. Harold Pinter.
  2. Oh it's clearly a cover up. I mean, I have no reluctance in saying that. Christopher Shays.
  3. Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins. Mae West.

Idioms of Cover:

  1. blow sm's cover
  2. cover for sm;
  3. cover your back;

Adjectives for Cover:

  • top clearer,
  • handsome coloured,
  • beautiful coloured,
  • impervious,
  • decent,
  • fancy,
  • upper,
  • considerable,
  • separate,
  • deep,
  • separate unclassified,
  • numerous best,
  • second animated,
  • extra, artistic,
  • new, up-to-date,
  • unique and attractive,
  • unclassified,
  • animated,
  • fake,
  • colored,
  • unique,
  • extra,
  • green,
  • new,
  • final,
  • striking,
  • wooden,
  • handsome,
  • artistic,
  • full,
  • modern french,
  • french,
  • best.