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[d͡ʒˈab], [d‍ʒˈab], [dʒ_ˈa_b]

Synonyms for Jab:

jab (noun)

dig, jabbing, poke, poking, prod, stab, thrust, thrusting.

Other synonyms and related words:

Gore, Sidewinder, abet, actuate, agitate, appreciate, apprehend, archeological site, arietation, arouse, assault, back answer, bag, baited pitch, bang, barb, barrack, bash, bat, bayonet, bear, bear upon, bearing, beating, belt, biff, blow, blow impact, bonk, boom, boost, bop, bore, bound, box, buck, bull, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunt, calcitration, campaign, cant, carom, carrier bag, carrom, catapult, catch, caustic remark, chaff, charge, chop, clap, clip, clip y, clobber, clout, clump, coldcock, comeback, compass, comprehend, condemn, conk, contain, crack, cram, critical remark, crowd, crusade, cuff, cut, cut at, cut down, cut into, cutting remark, dab, dash, dawdler, deal, deal a blow, deck, delve, denounce, derision, dig at, dig out, digging, dint, dirty dig, discharge, dive, douse, dowse, drill, drive, driving force, drub, drubbing, drudge, drumming, dump, dump on, egg on, elbow, elbow poke, encounter, encourage, encouragement, excavate, excavation, excite, fan, fan out, feint, fetch, fetch a blow, fillip, finger, fleer, fling, flout, foin, foolery, force, fusillade, garget, get the picture, gibe, gibing retort, give a push, give a thrust, give an impetus, goad, goaded, grasp, grind, haymaker, head, hit, hit a clip, home thrust, hurtle, hustle, hypo, impale, impel, impinge, incite, inflame, inject, injection, injury, inoculant, inoculation, intrude, jab at, jag, jam, jape, jar, jeer, jest, jibe, job, jog, joggle, jolt, jostle, jump, justle, kick, knife, knife stab, knife thrust, knock, knock cold, lace, laggard, lagger, lam, lambast, lambaste, lance, left, leg-pull, let have it, lick, lunge, mock, moil, name card, nose, nudge, paper bag, parting shot, pass, paste, pat, peck, peg, pelt, penetrate, perforate, perforation, pierce, pigeon berry, pile drive, pillory, pin, pink, plug, plunge, plunk, poke at, pooh, pooh-pooh, pounce, pound, press, pressure, prickle, prod at, prompt, pry, pummel, punce, punch, puncture, push, put on, put-down, quick punch, quip, rail at, rally, ram, ram down, rap, rattle, revile, riddle, ride, ridicule, right, rock burst, ruade, rude reproach, run, run against, run through, sack, savvy, scoff, scout, scurrility, set going, shaft, shake, shoot, short answer, short-arm blow, shot, shoulder, shove, shy, sideswipe, sidewipe, skewer, slam, slap, slap at, slog, slug, smack, small fishbones, smash, smite, snap, sneer, sneer at, soak, sock, spear, spike, spit, squash, stagger, start, stick, stress, strike, strike at, stroke, swap, swat, swing, swipe, tackle, tamp, tap, tattoo, taunt, thump, thwack, trailer, transfix, travail, try, turn over, twit, understand, upper-cut, urge, urge on, vaccination, verbal criticism, verbal thrust, wallop, whack, wham, whap, whirl, whop, wipe, work hard, wound, yerk.

Rhymes for Jab:

  1. stab, nab, blab, lab, drab, tab, cab, ab, scab, prefab, grab, dab, gab, slab, fab, crab;

Quotes for Jab:

  1. I was a left hooker, and I loved hooking. I also really liked to jab and mix it up right away. Gerry Cooney.
  2. Juan Hernandez was an actor out of New York, but what made Juan so great and what made Omar so great was that they both already knew how to box, so we didn't have to take them into a gym and teach them how to throw a left jab Charles S. Dutton.
  3. Man, it seemed, had been created to jab the life out of Germans. Siegfried Sassoon.

Idioms of Jab:

  1. jab sm in sth;
  2. jab sth at sm or sth;
  3. take a jab at sm;