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[stˈaɡə], [stˈaɡə], [s_t_ˈa_ɡ_ə]

Synonyms for Stagger:

oscillate (verb)

alternate, beat, bob, fluctuate, librate, oscillate, pulsate, pulse, radiate, rock, seesaw, sway, teeter-totter, throb, tick, totter, tremble, undulate, vacillate, vibrate, wag, wobble.

stumble (verb)

falter, hobble, limp, stumble.

Other synonyms and related words:

administer, advance, affright, agitate, alarm, allot, amaze, amazing, amble, ambulate, amplitude, appal, appall, apportion, arrhythmia, astonish, astonished, astonishing, astound, awe, awestrike, back and fill, baffle description, balance, barge, be afraid, be agitated, be drunk, be inactive, be incredible, be intoxicated, be irresolute, be late, be unbelievable, be unsteady, be wonderful, bearing, beat about, bedaze, bedazzle, beggar description, beggar the imagination, behave awkwardly, benumb, bewilder, bewildered, bewilderment, blind, blindside, blow, blow mind, blow one's mind, blow up, blunder, blunt, boggle, boggle the mind, boogie, bowl along, bowl down, bowl over, breath, breathe, bring down, broadcast, brokenness, bumble, bundle, bundle on, bungle, burden, calm, caludicate, camber, cantankerous, capriciousness, capsize, careen, career, cavort, change off, changeable, chaser-balancer, chill, chop and change, choppiness, circularise, circularize, circulate, claudication, clump, collapse, come a cropper, come and go, compromise, confound, confuse, conquer, consternate, cool, coquet with, crack, crankle, cranky, crawl, creep, crotchety, crush, curdle the blood, curvet, dab, dacker, dally with, damp, dance, dawdle, daze, dazzle, deal, deal out, debate, defeat, defy, demur, deprecate, destroy, desultoriness, deter, devastate, deviation, diffuse, dillydally, discombobulate, discompose, disconcert, disconnectedness, discontinuity, discourage, disgust, dish out, dishearten, disincline, dispense, disperse, dispirit, disquiet, disseminate, distribute, disturb, dither, dive, dizziness, dizzy, dodder, doddering, dole out, doubtful, drag, drawl, droop, dumb found, dumbfound, dumbfounder, dumfound, dumfounder, ebb and flow, eccentricity, effort, electrify, enormously, erraticness, experimental, extend, extinguish, extremely, fail, fall, fall down, fall flat, fall headlong, fall over, fall prostrate, faltering, fare, fascinate, fibrillation, fill with doubt, fit, fitfulness, fits and starts, flabbergast, flag, flicker, flight path, fling, floor, flop, flounce, flounder, fluctuation, flummox, flurry, fluster, flutter, foot, foot it, footslog, founder, fright, frighten, fudge, fumble, funk, fus, fuss, gait, gallop, galvanize, get, get a cropper, get by, get on, giddiness, gimp, give a shock, give a turn, give away, give out, go, go halfway, go lame, go through phases, goose step, grope, grovel, gyrate, halt, hand out, hang fire, hang in suspense, have difficulties, have two minds, heap, heel, hesitate, hike, hinder, hippety-hop, hit, hitch, hobbler, hobbling, hobblingly, hold back, hoof it, hop, hop about, horn, horrify, horripilate, hover, hugely, hum and haw, inactivity, inconstancy, indispose, inflate, inhale, insecure, intermittence, irregularity, jab, jar, jerkiness, job on, jog, jolt, jump, jump about, keel, keep back, keep in suspense, knock, knock for six, knock over, labor, labour, lag, lick, linger, list, lock step, loiter, lot, lumber, lunge, lurch, make a compromise, make available, make one stare, make one tremble, manage, march, megrim, mete out, mince, mincing steps, miss one's footing, misstep, move, move abruptly, move slowly, muddle, muddle through, mystify, nauseate, nonplus, nonuniformity, numb, oppress, outrage, overcome, overlap, overpower, overtax, overwhelm, pace, pad, paddle, parade, paralyse, paralyze, parcel out, pass and repass, pass around, pass belief, pass on, pass out, patchiness, pause, peevish, peg, pendulate, perambulate, perplex, perplexity, perturb, perturbate, petrify, piaffe, piaffer, pile, pitch, pitch and plunge, pitching, plod, plop, plunge, plunge about, pop, prance, precarious, proceed, promenade, propagate, prostrate, provisional, prowl, pussyfoot, put about, puzzle, quake, quash, quaver, quell, quench, quiet, quiver, rack, raise apprehensions, ramble, ramshackle, rattle, rearrange, reel, remain neuter, render averse, repel, repress, restrain, resultant force, revolt, rickety, ring the changes, roll, roughness, rub on, ruffle, sag, sashay, saunter, scare, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, see double, seethe, shake, shake one's belief, shake one's faith, shake up, shaky, shamble, shatter, shell out, shift, shilly-shally, shiver, shock, shot, shudder, shuffle, shy, sicken, sidle, single-foot, skin effect, skin friction, skip, skulk, skunk, slap, slink, slip, slither, slog, slouch, slowness, slug, snatch away, sneak, snort, space, space out, spasticity, spin, spin around, sporadicity, sporadicness, spottiness, sprawl, spread, spread eagle, squirm, stab, stack, stager, stagger along, stagger belief, stagger one's belief, stagger one's faith, staggering, staggeringly, stalk, stammer, stamp, start, startle, steal, steal along, step, step short, stir, stiver, stomp, straddle, straggle, stride, strike, strike dead, strike dumb, strike with awe, strike with wonder, stroll, strolling gait, struggle, strut, stump, stump along, stun, stupefy, subdue, suppress, surprise, surprised, swag, swagger, swagger along, swing, take a fall, take a flop, take a header, take a nosedive, take a pratfall, take a spill, take aback, take breath away, take one's time, tax, teeter, tentative, terrific, think twice about, thrash about, throw, throw off balance, tilt, tiptoe, tittup, titubate, to hesitate, toddle, topple, topple down, topple over, toss, toss and tumble, toss and turn, tottering, trail, traipse, traumatize, tread, trek, tremendously, trial, trip, trot, trotter, trouble, trudge, try, tumble, turn, turn aside, turn one's head, turn the head, turn turtle, twire, twitter, uncertainty, unevenness, unman, unmethodicalness, unnerve, unpredictability, unsafe, unsettle, unsettled, unsound, unstable, unsteadiness, unsteady, unstring, unsystematicness, upset, vacillation, variability, vary, veer, velocity, vertigo, volutation, wabble, waddle, waggle, walk, walk rapidly, walk shakily, walk unsteadily, walk unsteady, wallop, wallow, wamble, waver, wax and wane, wean from, weave, weigh down, welter, wend, whack, wheel, whiffle, whimsicality, whirl, wiggle, wonderful, worm one's way, wriggle, writhe, zag, zig, zigzag.

Rhymes for Stagger:

  1. swagger;
  2. bragger, jagger, dagger, bagger;

Quotes for Stagger:

  1. I learned enough Hebrew to stagger through a meaningless ceremony that I scarcely remember. David Antin.
  2. Go now, verses, on your light feet, you have not trodden hard on the old earth where the graves laugh when they see their guests, the one corpse stacked on top of the other. Go now and stagger to her whom I do not know. Hugo Claus.
  3. We need art more than ever as we stagger toward the Millennium. Fritz Scholder.

Idioms of Stagger:

  1. stagger from sth;
  2. stagger out ( of sm place);
  3. stagger around;