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What is another word for stun?

354 synonyms found


[stˈʌn], [stˈʌn], [s_t_ˈʌ_n]

Synonyms for Stun:

amaze (verb) disable (verb) surprise (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Stun:

  1. nun, gun, ton, son, pun, tonne, shun, fun, hun, un, in, run, spun, dun, bun, runt, won, donne, none, done, sun, one;
  2. outrun, begun, rerun, undone, outdone;
  3. overdone;

Quotes for Stun:

  1. When we forgive evil we do not excuse it, we do not tolerate it, we do not smother it. We look the evil full in the face, call it what it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it. Lewis B. Smedes.