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[dˈʌmfa͡ʊnd], [dˈʌmfa‍ʊnd], [d_ˈʌ_m_f_aʊ_n_d]

Synonyms for Dumbfound:

dumbfound (noun)

amaze, baffle, beat, bewilder, flummox, get, gravel, mystify, nonplus, perplex, pose, puzzle, stupefy, vex.

Other synonyms and related words:

accept, acquire, addle, adhere, agitate, aim, annoy, appal, arrest, arrive, ascertain, astonish, astound, attract, avoid paying, awe, awestrike, balk, balk one's hope, bamboozle, be superior, beat out, beat-up, become, bedaze, bedazzle, bedevil, befuddle, beget, begin, bemuse, benumb, besot, bilk, bind, blight one's hope, blind, blow away, blow mind, blow one's mind, boggle, boggle the mind, bond, bother, bowl down, bowl over, bring, bring forth, bring up short, bugger off, bunk, burden, buzz off, can, capture, catch, cause, chafe, cheat, check, chisel, choke, choke off, circumvent, cleave, cling, cohere, come, commence, commove, complicate, confound, confuse, contract, convey, cross, crush, crush one's hope, cut short, dash one's hope, daze, dazzle, defeat failure, defeat one's hope, deposit, develop, disappoint, disappoint one's hope, discombobulate, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, discourage, disgust, dismay, disquiet, distract, disturb, do, draw, drive, drum, dumbfounder, dumfound, dumfounder astonish, electrify, elude, embarrass, engender, escape, excite, exhaust, experience, falsify one's hope, father, faze, fetch, find, fix, flabbergast, flap, floor, foil, frighten, frustrate, fuck off, fuddle, gag, generate, get at, get to, give a turn, go, grow, have, hit, hit repeatedly, hornswoggle, horrify, hush, hush-hush, impersonate, incur, induce, irritate, jar, jilt, jolt, keep, knock for six, knock over with feather, lay, leave immediately, let, lodge, make, make children, make mysterious, may, model, mother, move rhythmically, muddle, muffle, muzzle, nark, nauseate, nettle, numb, obtain, outfox, outrage, outsmart, outwit, overcome, overpower, overreach, overwhelm, paralyse, paralyze, pay back, pay off, personate, perturb, petrify, place, play a trick, play one false, position, posture, pound, present, produce, pulsate, put, put to silence, puzzle out, puzzle over, quicken, quiet, quieten, quiver, rag, rattle, receive, regulate, repel, revolt, rile, rip off, rock, scare, scotch, scram, scramble, set, set about, set out, shake, shake up, shatter, shell, shock, shush, shut down, shut down on, sicken, silence, sire, sit, soft pedal, spoil, squash, squelch, stagger, stand-by, start, start out, startle, stay, stick, stifle, still, stimulate, sting, stir vigorously, stop, strike, strike dead, strike dumb, strike with wonder, stump, stun, stymie, suffer, surprise, sustain, take, take aback, tantalize, tax, throttle, throw, throw into a tizzy, throw off balance, throw out, thrum, thump, thunderstrike, thwart, tick, ticktack, ticktock, traumatize, trounce, tucker, tucker out, undergo, unnerve, unsettle, upset, vanquish, wash up, wedge, work over, worry.