What is another word for stun?

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[ stˈʌn], [ stˈʌn], [ s_t_ˈʌ_n]

Being able to effortlessly switch up your vocabulary will make your writing more interesting and engaging. One word that is frequently used is "stun," but there are numerous alternatives you can use to convey the same basic meaning in a more creative way. For instance, you may say "astound" if you want to convey astonishment or wonderment. Or, if you prefer to imply that your audience was caught off guard, go for "shock" or "startle." "Amaze," "bewilder," and "dumbfound" are some other unique words that you can use to substitute "stun." By varying your language, you can keep your writing fresh and intriguing, guaranteeing that readers will remain interested till the very end.

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    Antonyms for the word "stun" are words that mean the opposite of being shocked or amazed. One antonym for "stun" is "bore", which refers to the lack of excitement or interest. Another antonym is "fail", meaning an attempt to impress or dazzle that is unsuccessful. "Disappoint" can also be used as an antonym, indicating a sense of letdown or dissatisfaction. Similarly, the word "ordinary" describes something that is commonplace, unremarkable, or routine, and is another antonym for "stun." Lastly, "dull" refers to something that is not lively, vibrant or stimulating. These words, when used as antonyms for "stun", can help to clarify and contrast the meaning of this verb.

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    Usage examples for Stun

    Yees do be enough to set wan crazy wid yer mewlin', pinched-up mug that's humbly as a stun!
    "In Wild Rose Time"
    Amanda M. Douglas
    Or is it that, oppress'd with care, I stun with loud complaints thine ear, And make thy home, for quiet meant, The seat of noise and discontent?
    "Hetty Wesley"
    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
    What he saw, or did not see, seemed to stun him.
    "Eight Keys to Eden"
    Mark Irvin Clifton

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