What is another word for abysmally?

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[ ɐbˈɪsmə͡li], [ ɐbˈɪsmə‍li], [ ɐ_b_ˈɪ_s_m_əl_i]

Abysmally is an adverb used to describe something that is extremely bad or unpleasant. There are several synonyms that can be used to replace this word, depending on the context of the sentence. For instance, one can use words like terribly, dreadfully, woefully, awfully, extremely, or horribly in place of abysmally. These alternatives help convey the severity or gravity of a situation in a more expressive way. For instance, instead of saying someone performed abysmally in a test, one could say they did terribly, or dreadfully, or awfully. This helps produce a better picture of the situation in question, and captures the nuances of the language in a more precise way.

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    Usage examples for Abysmally

    The interior of the tank-like box became abysmally black.
    "Operation Terror"
    William Fitzgerald Jenkins
    "abysmally so," he grieved.
    Winston Marks
    And after brooding abysmally throughout the meal that followed, he disappeared from the sight of his family, having answered with one frightful look his mother's timid suggestion that it was almost time for Sunday-school.
    "Penrod and Sam"
    Booth Tarkington

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