What is another word for awing?

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The word "awing" is typically used to describe a feeling of wonder and amazement. There are several synonyms for "awing" that can be used to convey a similar sentiment, including "amazing," "awe-inspiring," and "breathtaking." Other words that could be used to describe something that is "awing" might include "stunning," "mesmerizing," and "jaw-dropping." These words are all useful when trying to describe something that is truly extraordinary, such as a beautiful sunset or a majestic mountain landscape. Whether writing a poem or describing a scene in a novel, these potential synonyms for "awing" can help to create a powerful emotional response in the reader.

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How to use "Awing" in context?

Often when people think of awe, what comes to mind is typically a feeling of reverence, reverence for something great or majestic. This is because awe is often associated with feelings of admiration and reverence for something greater than oneself. However, awe can also be visceral and intense, invoking feelings such as fear, terror, orpanic. This visceral quality of awe is often what leads to a sense of reverence. In both cases, however, awe is a very strong emotion that can lead to some pretty profound thoughts and experiences.

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