What is another word for atrocious?

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"Atrocious" is an adjective that describes something extremely bad or unpleasant. There are various synonyms to this word, including "dreadful," "terrible," "horrible," "appalling," "abominable," "disgusting," "offensive," "repulsive," "revolting," "vile," "nauseating," "ghastly," "gruesome," "grotesque," "frightful," "hideous," "monstrous," "unspeakable," and "shocking." Each of these words convey a strong negative connotation and can be used interchangeably with "atrocious" to describe something that is absolutely terrible or disgusting. So, instead of repeating the word "atrocious" again and again, a writer may choose one of these synonyms to add variety to their writing and make it more engaging for the reader.

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What are the opposite words for atrocious?

Atrocious is a word used to describe something that is extremely bad or unpleasant. Its antonyms are words that reflect the opposite meaning such as remarkable, outstanding, excellent, admirable, laudable or commendable. Something can be considered remarkable if it is worthy of attention or notice. Similarly, outstanding means exceptional in quality or performance. When something is excellent means that it is of the highest quality or standard. Admiring a person's behavior or accomplishments is a positive trait, therefore, laudable and commendable are also antonyms of atrocious. Antonyms of a word show the contrasting meaning, and in the case of atrocious, they show the positive attributes that one can strive to achieve.

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