What is another word for amphibious aircraft?

Pronunciation: [amfˈɪbɪəs ˈe͡əkɹaft] (IPA)

Amphibious aircraft are versatile flying machines that can operate smoothly on both water and land. There are various synonyms for amphibious aircraft, including seaplanes, flying boats, and floatplanes. Seaplanes are aircraft equipped with water-resistant floats that can land on and take-off from water. Some seaplanes possess retractable landing gear that allows them to function seamlessly as a land airplane. Meanwhile, flying boats have a hull that allows them to take-off and land on water. The hull, which functions as the boat's main body, takes up most of the aircraft's weight. Finally, floatplanes are similar to seaplanes, but they have pontoons instead of floats and can operate in shallow bodies of water.

Synonyms for Amphibious aircraft:

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