What is another word for antarcticite?

Pronunciation: [antˈɑːktɪsˌa͡ɪt] (IPA)

Antarcticite is a mineral that is found in the Antarctic region, specifically in the ice of Lake Vostok. However, there are no known synonyms for this mineral since it is a unique compound. However, there are other minerals that may be similar in their properties to Antarcticite. These include hydrated copper aluminum sulfate, which may share similar crystal structures and physical properties with Antarcticite. Moreover, other minerals like mirabilite, which is a sodium sulfate mineral, and borax decahydrate, which is a boron mineral, share some properties with Antarcticite, but they are separate minerals. Regardless, Antarcticite remains a unique mineral found only in the frozen landscape of Antarctica.

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