What is another word for ante?

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The word "ante" refers to the amount of money or other valuables that a player has to pay before they can start playing a game like poker. Synonyms for "ante" include "bet," "wager," and "stakes." These words all refer to the amount of money or possessions that a player risks as part of the game. Other synonyms for "ante" include "buy-in," "entry fee," and "deposit." These words emphasize the idea that players must invest something in order to participate in the game. Collectively, these synonyms help to convey the sense of risk and excitement that is associated with games of chance.

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    Usage examples for Ante

    During that time in Linde's camp, from time to time, some of the sleeping negroes would start up in an ante-mortem paroxysm of the disease, fly into the jungle, and return no more; there were some who died on the spot, and others, rushing blindly, crushed their heads on the rocks in the camp itself or in the neighborhood.
    "In Desert and Wilderness"
    Henryk Sienkiewicz
    He passed some beautiful homes on this part of his walk; residences which showed plainly the lavish elegance of ante-bellum prosperity.
    "The Man from Jericho"
    Edwin Carlile Litsey
    In the ante-room a maid advanced to meet us; she looked at me with wondering eyes, and only admitted the General to her mistress' room, after having first announced him.
    "The Dead Lake and Other Tales"
    Paul Heyse

    Famous quotes with Ante

    • It was always my goal to 'up the ante' on good design and rye devoted much of my career to this.
      Michael Graves
    • Quod est ante pedes nemo spectat: coeli scrutantur plagas. (No one sees what is before his feet: we all gaze at the stars.)
      Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Hace trece años, el día 11 Septiembre de 2001, uno de los acontecimientos más trágicos y terribles de la historia humana sacudió nuestro mundo. No sólo América, sino al mundo entero perdieron su inocencia ese preciso momento, cuando la cara sucia, asquerosa de terrorismo de masas surgió para torturar brutalmente a la humanidad. El mundo se dio cuenta de que este nuevo mal es perpetrado por fanáticos bárbaros desvergonzados que se han dejado indiferente a la santidad de la vida humana. américa se hizo más fuerte que nunca para luchar contra el terrorismo, y acabó con un pedazo importante de psicópata malvado terrorista para hacer nuestro mundo más seguro, una vez más. En el 13 aniversario del 9/11, nuestro corazón todavía duele por todas esas vidas inocentes que fueron brutalmente asesinados por actividades terroristas. Es tan triste, deprimente y desagradable historia, y sin embargo, sus secuelas es muy inspirador cuando pensamos en cómo Estados Unidos y muchas naciones se unieron para destruir implacablemente el eje del mal, capturar y llevar ante la justicia a los terroristas tóxicos - incluyendo a su líder Osama. En este 13 aniversario, rendimos nuestro homenaje respetuoso a los mártires del 9/11 ataques, y sinceramente agradecemos a nuestros héroes americanos impresionantes que todavía están luchando esos terroristas fanáticos extraños para hacer de nuestro mundo un lugar mejor. Dios los bendiga a todos, y dios bendice América.
      Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
    • Si sólo el patito feo se había conocido su differentness sería un activo impresionante algún día, su vida anterior habría sido mucho más suave y agradable. Debemos ser felices si somos diferentes, porque es nuestras diferencias diferenciador que hará una gran diferencia en el mundo y avanzar en la humanidad. Es posible que un patito feo hoy ante los ojos de la sociedad, pero usted es el hermoso cisne blanco de la mañana. Usted es la estrella que hoy será mañana supernova, iluminando y deslumbrante universo como nunca antes. Disfrutar y celebrar su differentness hoy, y pensar acerca positvely -siempre mañana!
      Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
    • ..whatever may have been the style and title, the sovereign ruler was there, and accordingly the court established itself at once with all its due accompaniments of pomp, insipidity, and emptiness. Caesar appeared in public not in the robe of the consuls which was bordered with purple stripes, but in the robe wholly of purple which was reckoned in antiquity as the proper regal attire, and received, sitting on his golden chair and without rising from it, the solemn procession of the senate. The festivals in his honour commemorative of birthday, of victories, and of vows, filled the calendar. When Caesar came to the capital, his principal servants marched forth in trips to great distances so as to meet and escort him. To be near to him began to be of such importance, that the rents rose in the quarter of the city where he lived. Personal interviews with him were rendered so difficult by the multitude of individuals soliciting audience, that Caesar found himself compelled in many cases to communicate even with his intimate friends in writing, and that persons even of the highest rank had to wait for hours in the ante-chamber. People felt, more clearly than was agreeable to Caesar himself, that they no longer approached a fellow-citizen. There arose a monarchical aristocracy, which was a remarkable manner at once new and old, and which had sprung out of the idea of casting into the shade the aristocracy of the oligarchy by that of the royalty, the nobility of the patriciate. The patrician body still subsisted, although without essential privileges as an order, in the character of a close aristocratic guild; but as it could receive no new it had dwindled away more and more in the course of centuries, and in Caesar's time there were not more than fifteen or sixteen patrician still in existence. Caesar, himself sprung from one of them, got the right of creating new patrician conferred on the Imperator by decree of the people, and so established, in contrast to the republican nobility, the new aristocracy of the patriciate, which most happily combined all the requisites of a monarchichal aristocracy - the charm of antiquity, entire dependence on the government, and total insignificance. On all sides the new sovereignty revealed itself.
      Theodor Mommsen

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