What is another word for assessable?

Pronunciation: [ɐsˈɛsəbə͡l] (IPA)

Assessable is a term used to describe something that can be evaluated, measured, or estimated. Synonyms for this word include appraisable, measurable, quantifiable, gaugable, estimable, and calculable. These terms all describe the ability to accurately determine and judge the value or worth of something. Other synonyms include evaluable, testable, rateable, estimative, and reckoning. It is important to understand the synonyms of assessable when communicating or writing about the subject, in order to accurately convey the meaning and importance of the topic being assessed.

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What are the hypernyms for Assessable?

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What are the opposite words for assessable?

Assessable refers to something that can be evaluated or appraised. Therefore, antonyms for this word would be terms that indicate that something cannot or should not be assessed. A few examples of antonyms for the word assessable would be immeasurable, imponderable or intangible. These words imply that the subject in question cannot be measured, quantified or evaluated using existing standards. Another opposite term for assessable would be exempt or free from assessment. These antonyms indicate that something has been deemed not susceptible to evaluation, appraisal or taxation. Other antonyms for assessable could be incalculable, unquantifiable or inscrutable, which all suggest that a given subject cannot be measured or assessed effectively.

What are the antonyms for Assessable?

Usage examples for Assessable

Much unjust discrimination was made against Cubans in determining assessable values and in collecting the taxes, and it is said that bribery in some form was the only effective defense against the most flagrant impositions."
"Cuba, Old and New"
Albert Gardner Robinson
By supposing the real value of the assessable property to be $30,000,000,000; then a tax of one-half per cent would raise a revenue of $150,000,000, a sum sufficient to pay all the necessary current expenses of the government and leave something to apply on the national debt.
"Monopolies and the People"
D. C. Cloud
That he has personally paid to the proper officer all state poll taxes assessed or assessable against him, under this or the former Constitution, for the three years next preceding that in which he offers to register; Second.
"The Negro and the elective franchise. A Series Of Papers And A Sermon (The American Negro Academy. Occasional Papers, No. 11.)"
Archibald H. Grimké, Charles C. Cook, John Hope, John L. Love, Kelly Miller, and Rev. Frank J. Grimké

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