What is another word for bad faith?

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"Bad faith" is a term that refers to situations where someone acts dishonestly or deceitfully in a given situation. There are a number of synonyms for this term, including "deceitful," "disingenuous," "duplicity," "treachery," and "mendacity." "Deceitful" refers to something that is intentionally meant to deceive, while "disingenuous" refers to someone who is pretending to be honest while actually being insincere. "Duplicity" is the act of being two-faced, while "treachery" refers to the betrayal of someone's trust. Finally, "mendacity" refers to the act of telling lies. All of these synonyms describe different facets of what can be considered "bad faith," whether intentional or not.

Synonyms for Bad faith:

How to use "Bad faith" in context?

Bad faith is defined as a deliberate act or attitude involving the Arctic intent of thwarting or destroying the legitimate interests of others. It is a term used in the law to describe situations where one party derives an unfair advantage from their conduct. The most common manifestations of bad faith in the legal setting involve deceptive or abusive practices, such as adultery, contract gaming, and stalking.

Adultery is a classic example of bad faith behavior. In order to gain an unfair advantage in a committed relationship, one party may lie about their prior relationships or intentions. They may also withhold information from their partner, or try to monopolize all of the communication.

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