What is another word for trickery?

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Trickery is defined as the use of deceitful or dishonest methods to achieve a desired outcome. Synonyms for trickery include cunning, deception, fraud, chicanery, shenanigans, duplicity, subterfuge, artifice, and guile. Cunning refers to using clever or sly methods to outwit someone or achieve a goal. Deception involves intentionally misleading someone through false information or actions. Fraud is the intentional deception of someone for financial or personal gain. Chicanery often refers to using underhanded or unethical methods to achieve a goal. Shenanigans typically refer to playful or mischievous trickery. Duplicity is the act of being deceitful or two-faced in one's actions or words. Subterfuge refers to using deceit or deception to avoid something. Artifice and guile both mean using cunning or deception to gain an advantage.

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    Trickery, the use of deception or illusions to deceive or fool someone, has been employed in all walks of life. From magicians and illusionists to politicians and spies, tricks have been an essential tool in many peoples' arsenals. Some of the oldest and most revered tricks in history have been performed by magicians, such as the Hansel and Gretel story and the sleight of hand used by David Copperfield. Trickery has also been used by adventurers, such as the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea creators Jules Verne and H.G.

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