What is another word for openness?

Pronunciation: [ˈə͡ʊpənnəs] (IPA)

Openness is a term used to describe the willingness to share thoughts, feelings, and information with others. There are many synonyms for openness, such as transparency, honesty, candor, frankness, and sincerity. These terms all share the same idea of being open and authentic in communication with others. Transparency refers to being clear and open about information, while honesty emphasizes the importance of truthfulness. Candor is the act of being straightforward and truthful in communication. Frankness is similar to candor, describing honesty and directness in communication. Sincerity emphasizes the genuineness of communication. All of these synonyms express the importance of honest and open communication with others.

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Openness is a term that describes an individual or organization's willingness to share information, ideas, or experiences. The antonyms for openness include secrecy, concealment, reticence, and closed-mindedness. Secrecy involves intentionally keeping information hidden, whereas openness involves sharing it readily. Concealment involves hiding something, and reticence involves withholding information or expressing oneself in a reserved manner. Closed-mindedness means that an individual or organization is resistant to new ideas and experiences. These antonyms illustrate the importance of openness in building trust, promoting growth, and fostering positive relationships. Without openness, misunderstanding and mistrust can quickly arise, making it difficult to establish meaningful connections.

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Usage examples for Openness

What other women did with more reserve, veiling their advances in disguises which were after all so flimsy that nobody except those who wished could be deceived, she would do with imperious openness.
"A Prairie Courtship"
Harold Bindloss
This contraction shuts you up in yourself, and hinders an agreeable openness which we should ever maintain, even towards those who have no particular affinity with ourselves.
"Letters of Madam Guyon"
P. L. Upham
There was nothing specially beautiful in the landscape, in fact it was rather monotonous, but the openness of it gave an idea of free and sweeping space, and the almost unearthly glow of a perfect evening imparted a charm that was all its own.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford

Famous quotes with Openness

  • Remarkable is the greater openness of the Catholic Church towards people of other religious traditions and persuasions. The development has not been without problems, since some people have resisted it and others have pushed openness beyond the desirable point.
    Francis Arinze
  • The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.
    Niels Bohr
  • Human societies vary in lots of independent factors affecting their openness to innovation.
    Jared Diamond
  • Well we are hoping that the power of the community of free nations is such that our sovereignty our rights are not going to be challenged by anybody who's going try to undermine the freedom, the openness of our societies and our security.
    Douglas Feith
  • The brain's calculations do not require our conscious effort, only our attention and our openness to let the information through. Although the brain absorbs universes of information, little is admitted into normal consciousness.
    Marilyn Ferguson

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