What is another word for perfidy?

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Perfidy is a treacherous act that is synonymous with betrayal, disloyalty, deceit, and duplicity. Other similar words include unfaithfulness, faithlessness, double-cross, falseness, insidiousness, and infidelity. These words all describe the behavior of someone who acts against trust, honor, and loyalty. Perfidy often involves breaking promises or commitments, or revealing secrets or confidential information. In the legal world, perfidy is considered a war crime when committed during armed conflict. Overall, these words are associated with the negative and harmful actions of individuals who cannot be trusted to uphold basic principles of integrity and honesty.

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    Perfidy is the conduct of a person who deceives another with the intent to gain an advantage. This term is most often used in the context of military strategy, where it refers to the betrayal of a military ally. Perfidy can also refer to any deceitful act, whether intentional or unintentional.

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