What is another word for banoffee pie?

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[ bˈanəfˌiː pˈa͡ɪ], [ bˈanəfˌiː pˈa‍ɪ], [ b_ˈa_n_ə_f_ˌiː p_ˈaɪ]

Banoffee pie is a delicious dessert made with a combination of bananas, cream, caramel, and biscuit crust. There are several synonyms for this mouth-watering treat, including banana toffee pie, caramel banana tart, and banana cream pie with toffee. Some may refer to this dessert as a banoffee tart or even a dulce de leche banana pie. Regardless of what it's called, it is a popular dessert among those with a sweet tooth. Whether served at a dinner party or enjoyed as a treat for yourself, banoffee pie is a decadent and indulgent dessert that is sure to satisfy any craving for something sweet and creamy.

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