What is another word for dupe?

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The word "dupe" is defined as someone who is easily fooled or tricked. Synonyms for this word include "gullible," "naive," "credulous," "innocent," "foolish," and "unsuspecting." These words all describe individuals who are vulnerable to being taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge or experience. In addition, other synonyms for "dupe" include "deceived," "misled," "manipulated," "taken in," and "tricked." These words suggest a deliberate act of deception on the part of the person or group who is attempting to dupe someone. It is important to be aware of these synonyms and to always be vigilant in order to avoid being duped.

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What are the opposite words for dupe?

The word "dupe" means to deceive, trick, or fool someone. The concept of antonyms for this word is interesting because it shows the opposite of being fooled or deceived. Some antonyms for "dupe" could include words such as "enlighten," "inform," "educate," "guide," or "warn." These words all indicate a sense of knowledge, wisdom, or caution, which are the opposite of being duped. By using these antonyms, we can convey the message that it is always better to be knowledgeable and informed before making any decisions or believing anything blindly.

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Usage examples for Dupe

A devilish pretty dupe I've been.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
Hot chagrin at the manner in which McAllen had handed the role of dupe back to him flooded Barney for a moment.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
Could he possibly be her dupe a second time?
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin

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