What is another word for Beside?

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Beside is a word that is often used to indicate that something is next to or alongside something else. However, there are many other synonyms that can be used in place of beside. Some of these synonyms include: alongside, next to, adjacent to, adjacent, neighboring, near, close to, by, abutting, bordering, touching, and proximate. By using these synonyms, writers can add variety to their writing and avoid repetition. Additionally, using synonyms can help to clarify meaning and avoid confusion, particularly when describing spatial relationships. The use of synonyms is an important tool for writers seeking to improve their writing skills and create more expressive texts.

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    John Lennon famously sang "yesterday, today and tomorrow" in the song "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)", referencing the fleeting nature of life. Life is full of change, and scarcely a day goes by without some new drama unfolding. Life can often be unfair, and it sometimes feels like things are just happening to us instead of being part of our own choosing.

    However, despite the sense that life is fleeting, we can also derive consolation from the fact that alongside life there are also the things that we love, the people we care about, and the moments that make up our lives.

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