What is another word for wanting?

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When it comes to expressing a desire or wishing for something, we use the term "wanting". However, there are several synonyms that can be used in its place to create more variety and depth in our language. Some of these include "craving", "yearning", "longing", "hankering" and "coveting". All of these words carry a similar connotation, but they bring out different shades of meaning to our desire for something. For instance, "craving" suggests a strong and urgent desire, while "yearning" implies a deep and emotional longing. Overall, using synonyms for "wanting" can enhance our writing and make it more engaging and expressive.

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    Antonyms for the word "wanting" are plentiful. Some of the common antonyms of this word include "satisfied," "content," "fulfilled," "pleased," and "satiated." These antonyms all suggest that a person's needs, desires, or expectations are being met or exceeded. Synonyms of these words include "happy," "gratified," and "contented." Other antonyms of "wanting" might include "abundant," "plentiful," "surplus," or "excessive," which describe an overabundance of something rather than a deficiency. In general, antonyms for "wanting" are positive, indicating that someone is getting what they need or want, and are often used to describe a sense of satisfaction or contentment.

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