What is another word for bore-hole?

Pronunciation: [bˈɔːhˈə͡ʊl] (IPA)

A bore-hole is typically used to refer to a narrow hole drilled into the ground for the purpose of exploration, extraction, or monitoring. However, there are several other terms that can be used to describe such holes, depending on their purpose and location. For instance, a well is a type of bore-hole that is used to draw water from underground sources. A core-hole is a type of bore-hole that is drilled to obtain a sample of rock or sediment for analysis. A shaft is typically a vertical bore-hole that is used to access underground mines. Other synonyms for bore-hole include drill-hole, borewell, and bore tube.

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  • My last stop was in Anchorage, Alaska, which is real handy and a great place to visit in February if you...if you get the chance. After that, I went to Fairbanks, Alaska, and my manager's prediction that there wouldn't be a lot of snow in Fairbanks, Alaska in February was off by about THE most boring town I've ever been to in my life. Sorry if you're from there. It is a bore-hole. And I was stranded there for THREE DAYS. Count 'em, one...tick......tock...tick...Stranded there with the Eskimo people. Not a great looking group of folks. And I mentioned that onstage and they got pissed off. And I didn't see why they got so mad. I didn't insinuate that they had no character, I mentioned that they weren't attractive...I thought they knew. Apparently, I let some big cat out of the bag. Have you seen their teeth? They can make keys. You don't have to be in Fairbanks very long before you learn what that nose rubbing deal's all about. I'm good. Anyway, I got this scathing letter from the head Eskimo, Frosty or whatever his name was, and halfway through the letter he said he would have me know that the Inuit tribe is one of the purest races on the planet and I'm like, "That's kinda what I'm talkin' about. will have sex with these people." And then later in the letter it said there are less Inuits every year, which I guess means it's getting to where where they won't even have sex with each other.
    Ron White

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