What is another word for bore?

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When you want to describe something as dull, uninteresting and unexciting, the word "bore" will likely come to mind. However, there are many synonyms for the word "bore" that can add more depth and variety to your description. For instance, you can use words like tedious, insipid, humdrum, monotonous, dreary and lackluster to convey the same meaning. Other possible synonyms include banal, tiresome, wearisome, plodding, soporific and lethargic. Whether you are writing an essay, a story, or just trying to find more expressive words to describe a boring task, these synonyms will help you capture the reader's attention and communicate your message more effectively.

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    Bore can refer to a series of holes, pits, or fissures on the earth's surface that are typically enlarged at the center. The word is derived from the Old Norse word borð, which means a hole.

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