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Mining is the process of extracting valuable materials from the earth. There are numerous synonyms for mining, such as excavation, quarrying, digging, drilling, and extracting. Excavation refers to the process of removing earth or rocks from a site, often to prepare the site for construction. Quarrying involves the extraction of stone, sand, and gravel from a quarry or mine. Digging refers to the process of removing soil or other materials by using a tool or machine, such as a shovel or excavator. Drilling involves the use of a drill to create holes for exploration or extraction. Extracting refers to the process of removing minerals or resources from the earth, typically through mining or drilling.

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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the Earth's crust. Mining can be done underground, on land, or at sea. It is the extraction of raw materials such as coal, oil, copper, iron, etc. Mining is an important component of the economy, accounting for 7% to 10% of global GDP.

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