What is another word for boric?

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Boric acid is a commonly used substance in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and cosmetics. However, there are several synonyms for the word "boric" that may be useful for individuals looking to communicate more effectively. Some of these words include boracic, borate, and boron-containing. Boracic is a term used to describe something containing or relating to boric acid. Borate, on the other hand, refers to a salt or ester containing boric acid. Finally, boron-containing is a phrase used to describe any substance that contains boron, an element that is commonly found in boric acid. Knowing these synonyms can help individuals sound more knowledgeable and professional when talking about the properties and uses of boric acid.

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    Boric acid is a white crystalline compound with the molecular formula H3BO3. It is the simplest of the borates, and although it is slightly soluble in water, most of it is dissolved in a hydrofluoric acid/borax mixture.

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    • borek.

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