What is another word for C18H20O2?


[ sˈiː ˈe͡ɪtiːn ˈe͡ɪt͡ʃ twˈɛnti ˈə͡ʊ tˈuː], [ sˈiː ˈe‍ɪtiːn ˈe‍ɪt‍ʃ twˈɛnti ˈə‍ʊ tˈuː], [ s_ˈiː_ ˈeɪ_t_iː_n ˈeɪ_tʃ t_w_ˈɛ_n_t_i_ ˈəʊ t_ˈuː]

C18H20O2 is the chemical formula for a compound that can be described by various synonyms. It is commonly known as estradiol, which is the primary female sex hormone. This hormone plays a crucial role in the development and regulation of the female reproductive system. Another synonym for C18H20O2 is 17β-estradiol, highlighting its specific molecular structure. Estradiol is often referred to as E2, emphasizing its classification as an estrogen hormone. This compound is essential for maintaining a balanced hormonal environment in both men and women. Understanding these different synonyms helps scientists and medical professionals in their research and treatment approaches concerning hormonal health.

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