What is another word for queue?

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[ kjˈuː], [ kjˈuː], [ k_j_ˈuː]

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    Synonyms for Queue:

    How to use "Queue" in context?

    When queuing up at a store or eating at a restaurant, everyone waits their turn. This is especially true if there are many people waiting. Queuing up is a way to control the order in which people are able to do something.

    When queuing up at a store, everyone waits their turn in line, usually starting from the person in front of them and working their way back. This way, everyone is able to get what they want and nobody is left behind.

    Queuing up can also be done when eating at a restaurant. Customers usually line up and wait their turn for a table.

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        queueing, enqueue.
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    • Q., KYU, Q, KEW, cue, Que.

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