What is another word for kiwi?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːwiː] (IPA)

Kiwi refers to a small flightless bird native to New Zealand, but it can also denote a fruit or a person from New Zealand. When referring to the fruit, the term can be substituted with Chinese Gooseberry, its original name. A different synonym for kiwi is "kiviak," which is a traditional Inuit dish made by burying seabirds in seal skin for months. In terms of people from New Zealand, they can also be called "Kiwis." A less formal substitute is "kiwi birds," referring to the bird's representation of New Zealand. Other slang terms include "kiwiana," describing unique features of New Zealand's culture, and "kiwi-as," meaning typical or quintessentially New Zealand.

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Usage examples for Kiwi

The other group of Cretaceous birds, of the Hesperornis type, show an actual degeneration of the power of flight through adaptation to an environment in which it was not needed, as happened, later, in the kiwi of New Zealand, and is happening in the case of the barn-yard fowl.
"The Story of Evolution"
Joseph McCabe
We were in the bushes looking for some yummy kiwi fruits to help satisfy my never-ending hunger when you came along.
"Abducted to Oz"
Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone
Alan bought a condensed milk and kiwi snow-cone from a sidewalk vendor and offered to treat Kurt, but he declined.
"Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
Cory Doctorow

Famous quotes with Kiwi

  • Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it was dead.
    Erma Bombeck

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