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The word "cue" is often used to refer to a signal or sign that indicates the beginning of an action, event, or performance. Some synonyms for "cue" include signal, prompt, indication, prompter, cue card, and hint. These words are often used in the context of theatre, film, and music to indicate the moment when actors, musicians, or other performers should start their performances or actions. Other synonyms for "cue" could vary depending on the context of usage, such as in sports, games or language. However, all of these words suggest a beginning point or starting action that is prompted by external means.

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Cueing is a process of directing a performer in the performance of a scripted or unscripted drama or performance, typically using verbal and nonverbal cues. The cues may be suggestions, commands, suggested actions, physical contact, or merely the presence of the cueing person. Cueing assists the performer and the audience in understanding the performance and helping to maintain the flow of the performance.

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