What is another word for camass?

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Camass is a root vegetable that belongs to the lily family. It's also known as camas, quamash, or wild hyacinth and was a staple food source for indigenous people. Synonyms for camass are not many due to its unique properties, but a few terms can substitute for it. First, wild potato is a synonym for camass as it has a similar starchy property and was also a significant food source for Native Americans. Second, Columbia lily, and blue camas, are synonyms for camass that refer to the plant's appearance and the color of its flowers. Lastly, bulbine is a synonym for camass that refers to the plant's ability to store nutrients in its bulb.

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    Usage examples for Camass

    Out there, in the awful hush of the prairies, you could almost hear the deepening of it from the roots of the camass flowers right up to the very roots of the stars!
    "Dusty Star"
    Olaf Baker
    Trowel in hand Molly Dale was kneeling on one knee between the brook and a row of blue camass.
    "The Heart of the Range"
    William Patterson White

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