What is another word for coverlet?

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A coverlet is a decorative covering for a bed or couch that is smaller than a bedspread but larger than a quilt. Synonyms for coverlet include bedspread, throw, quilt, blanket, afghan, comforter, duvet, and counterpane. Each of these terms describes a different type of covering, with variations in size, thickness, and design. A bedspread typically covers the entire bed, while a throw is smaller and often used as a decorative accent. A quilt is made up of multiple layers of fabric stitched together, while a blanket or afghan is typically made of a single layer of fabric. A comforter and duvet are thicker and often filled with down or synthetic materials, while a counterpane is a decorative coverlet with intricate patterns.

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    Coverlet is a blanket-like cover with a Usually woven of cotton or other fabrics that are smooth, soft and flexible. It may be used as a sarong, a bedspread, a quilt, or a wall hanging.

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