What is another word for coverlet?

Pronunciation: [kˈʌvələt] (IPA)

A coverlet is a decorative covering for a bed or couch that is smaller than a bedspread but larger than a quilt. Synonyms for coverlet include bedspread, throw, quilt, blanket, afghan, comforter, duvet, and counterpane. Each of these terms describes a different type of covering, with variations in size, thickness, and design. A bedspread typically covers the entire bed, while a throw is smaller and often used as a decorative accent. A quilt is made up of multiple layers of fabric stitched together, while a blanket or afghan is typically made of a single layer of fabric. A comforter and duvet are thicker and often filled with down or synthetic materials, while a counterpane is a decorative coverlet with intricate patterns.

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Usage examples for Coverlet

And there stood his poor rocking-horse Rollonde, with tears falling out of his beautiful eyes on to the white coverlet.
"Moonshine & Clover"
Laurence Housman
There had been a green coverlet to the bed in mother's room, only it had white lilac on it, and not daisies.
"The Literary Sense"
E. Nesbit
His knotted hands lay on the coverlet, gray and bloodless under the stains of hard work.
"Stories of the Foot-hills"
Margaret Collier Graham

Famous quotes with Coverlet

  • We magnify the wealthy man, though his parts be never so poor. The poor man we despise, be he never so well qualified. Gold is the coverlet of imperfections. It is the fool?s curtain, which hides all his defects from the world.
  • The tale survives of two men Who fell in love "at first sight"; Who shared everything In unbounded intimacy Including the pillow And the red embroidered coverlet Which had been in the family For generations. Whether they had bad days, Domestic arguments Or inappropriate dreams We do not know – No doubt such burrs Were worked away by time Polishing its story; How they found each other And lived together all their lives, And died on the same day, And were buried by the grieving town On Mount Luofo's peak With their pillow and red coverlet; And a pine tree grew Out of the grave Like the character for longevity And true love.
    Nick Drake (poet)
  • We must recognise the essential underlaying savagery in the animal called man, and return to older and sounder principles of national life and defense. We must realise that man's nature will remain the same so long as he remains man; that civilisation is but a slight coverlet beneath which the dominant beast sleeps lightly and ever ready to awake.
    H. P. Lovecraft

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