What is another word for bedcover?

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[ bˈɛdkʌvə], [ bˈɛdkʌvə], [ b_ˈɛ_d_k_ʌ_v_ə]

Bedcovers are essential for keeping your bedding clean, comfortable and stylish. But, sometimes we want to switch things up and use a different word for a bedcover. Some synonyms for bedcover include blanket, comforter, duvet cover, coverlet, bedspread, quilt or throw. Blankets are typically lightweight and usually made of cotton or wool. Comforters are typically filled with polyester or feathers, and they come in a wide range of designs and colors. Duvet covers are used to protect your duvet insert and are usually made of cotton or linen. Coverlets are lightweight bedspreads and perfect for warmer weather. Bedspreads are designed to drape over the edges of your bed and come in a range of fabrics and thicknesses. Quilts are a combination of fabrics sewn together, and they can be used to add texture and color to your bedding.

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    Synonyms for Bedcover:

    What are the hypernyms for Bedcover?

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    Usage examples for Bedcover

    While the houses are of the American type, the interior arrangement of the living rooms remains that of the European Slavic peasantry-the bedcover is often fancy handiwork, the walls are profusely covered with family photographs, pictures of Polish heroes, and magazine illustrations.
    "A Stake in the Land"
    Peter Alexander Speek
    While speaking he brought the hot bowl to Farnsworth and set it on the bedcover before him, then fetched a big horn spoon.
    "Alice of Old Vincennes"
    Maurice Thompson
    But Heidi looked steadily at the woman, not at all as if in any uncertainty, and said, "I know quite well who wrapped me in my bedcover and brought me down in the sleigh: it was grandfather."
    Johanna Spyri

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