What is another word for dadaism?

Pronunciation: [dˈade͡ɪˌɪzəm] (IPA)

Dadaism is an avant-garde movement that emerged during World War I. The term "dadaism" is often referred to as "anti-art," and it refers to a type of art that challenges conventional artistic standards and often plays with humor and absurdity. The movement was characterized by its provocative and subversive nature, as well as its rejection of traditional artistic techniques. Some synonyms for dadaism include anti-art, irrationalism, absurdism, nihilism, and surrealism. Each of these terms encompasses the essence of the movement. Dadaism has had a significant impact on modern art, and its influence can still be seen in contemporary art forms today.

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Famous quotes with Dadaism

  • As Arp and I are sitting in the large living room of my house on Central Park in November 1958, we try again and again to understand the significance of Dada for ourselves and for others. Many elements surfaced in me and in the 'Fantastic Prayers' [his poems Phantastische Gebete, Zurich 1916] at the same time; resistance against the 'civilization' we live in, fury about a purely factual world which leaves out personality and thus creative power, the means of irony and underlying religiousness. Ball turned religious during the times of dadaism, Arp is a religious person today, and I have always been one, without wanting to realize it, perhaps without knowing it.
    Richard Huelsenbeck

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