What is another word for kill?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪl] (IPA)

When it comes to describing the act of killing, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to make your writing more interesting and varied. Some common synonyms for "kill" include "murder," "assassinate," "slaughter," "butcher," "eliminate," "destroy," "exterminate," "annihilate," "execute," and "snuff out." Depending on the context and tone of your writing, you might choose to use a more formal or dramatic synonym to convey the brutality or intensity of the act. Alternatively, you might opt for a more neutral synonym to describe a killing that is less emotionally charged or violent. No matter which synonym you choose to use, it's important to ensure that it accurately reflects the meaning and intent of your writing.

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What are the opposite words for kill?

When we think of the word "kill," we often associate it with violent and negative actions. However, there are several antonyms for "kill" that suggest a more compassionate and positive meaning. One antonym for "kill" is "revive," which signifies bringing something or someone back to life. Another antonym is "preserve," which means to protect and maintain an object or creature's life. "Breathe life into" is also an antonym for "kill," which means to animate or revive something that was once dead or lifeless. These antonyms remind us of the importance of valuing and preserving life, rather than extinguishing it.

What are the antonyms for Kill?

Famous quotes with Kill

  • There was never sufficient evidence presented at my trial to support a finding of intent to kill.
    Jack Henry Abbott
  • In other words, for every 10 enemy you kill you bring on 20 new recruits to their anti-coalition cause then essentially you are working against yourself.
    John Abizaid
  • Well I just figure any man who risks his neck to save a dog's life isn't going to kill someone for gold teeth.
    Alvin Adams
  • The right of a nation to kill a tyrant in case of necessity can no more be doubted than to hang a robber, or kill a flea.
    John Adams
  • Now children as young as nine carry AK47s which can kill 30 people in seconds.
    Kate Adie

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