What is another word for toss off?

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[ tˈɒs ˈɒf], [ tˈɒs ˈɒf], [ t_ˈɒ_s ˈɒ_f]

Toss off is a slang term that means to consume or drink quickly. There are several synonyms for the word that you can use instead of the colloquial phrase. One option is to use the term chug, which denotes the quick consumption of a drink. You can also use the term quaff, which is a more refined way of saying the same thing. Another option is to say down or knock back, which are popular alternatives for toss off. Lastly, you can use the term guzzle which implies the consumption of a large quantity of a drink in a short period. So, depending on the context, you can use any of these synonyms to replace toss off.

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How to use "Toss off" in context?

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