What is another word for danseur?

Pronunciation: [dansˈɜː] (IPA)

The word "danseur" describes a male ballet dancer. However, there are a few other synonyms one can use to refer to a man who is an accomplished ballet performer. One such alternative is "male ballet dancer." Another is "ballerino," which comes from the Italian language. A third option is "principal dancer," referring to a male lead dancer in a ballet company. Finally, there is also "choregraphe," which refers to a man who not only dances but also creates choreography for himself and others. Using these synonyms allows for more variety and specificity when discussing male ballet dancers.

Synonyms for Danseur:

What are the hypernyms for Danseur?

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Usage examples for Danseur

The quick breathing, the impatient tapping movement of the foot, the swift backward springs to obtain a better view, so characteristic of him in moments of doubt, and which had twenty years before earned him the name of le danseur from his fellow-copyists at the Louvre, betrayed to even a casual observer that his discouragement and discontent were at boiling point.
"Worldly Ways and Byways"
Eliot Gregory
The Ballerinas from Rome were quarreling over precedence, and the Spanish danseur was weeping because the letters of his name were smaller by four inches than those which announced on the playbills the advent of his feminine rivals.
Compton Mackenzie
The Neues Palais at Potsdam contains another portrait by Lancret, entitled La Camargo avec son danseur, which shows the ballerina in the act of executing a pas de deux with a male dancer.
"Queens of the French Stage"
H. Noel Williams

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