What is another word for troupe?

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A troupe refers to a group of performers who work together and travel together. There are many synonyms for the word troupe that can be used in different contexts. One alternative is the term company, which can be used to describe a group of actors, dancers, or musicians who work together. Another synonym is ensemble, which is often used to describe a musical group or band. Other words that can be used to express a similar concept include cast, crew, group, team, and troupe. Each of these synonyms can be used to describe a group of artists, performers, or musicians who work closely together to create a shared performance or project, bringing their unique skills and talents to the table.

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    The word troupe is derived from the French word troupe, meaning "a company of actors," and refers to any ensemble of performers, whether musical or theatrical. A troupe may include any number of people, from a single performer to a large troupe of actors, singers, and dancers.

    A troupe may be a solo act or a group performance, and may perform either in one location or in a variety of locations. A troupe is often associated with amateur or theatrical performances, but it also may tour in support of a professional performing art.

    The history of the troupe can be traced back to antiquity.

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