What is another word for digestive system?

Pronunciation: [da͡ɪd͡ʒˈɛstɪv sˈɪstəm] (IPA)

The digestive system is a vital part of the human body responsible for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients. However, there are several synonyms for this term that may also be used in scientific or medical contexts. The alimentary canal refers to the entire pathway food takes through the body, from the mouth to the anus. The gastrointestinal tract encompasses the organs in charge of digestion, including the stomach, small intestine, and colon. The digestive tract is a more general term used to describe the same organs. Another synonym is the enteric system, which specifically refers to nerves that control the gastrointestinal tract.

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Famous quotes with Digestive system

  • I've always thought of the project as a sort of sexually driven digestive system, that it was a consumer and a producer of matter. And it is desire driven, rather than driven by hunger or anything like that.
    Matthew Barney
  • Ever since then, all descendant vertebrates have had the forward end of the digestive system and the forward end of the respiratory system very much involved with each other. This manifests itself in the human body with a crossing of the two systems in the throat.
    George C. Williams
  • Whenever you think that life has given you a bad deal, just be thankfull that your tastebuds are at the start of your digestive system, and not the other end.
    Jerome Baumann
  • Arthropods and vertebrates share some broad features of general organization - elongated, bilaterally symmetrical bodies, with sensory organs up front, excretory structures in the back, and some form of segmentation along the major axis. But the geometry of major internal organs could hardly be more different... Arthropods concentrate their nervous system on their ventral (belly) side as two major cords running along the bottom surface of the animal. The mouth also opens on the ventral side, with the esophagus passing between the two nerve cords, and the stomach and remainder of the digestive tube running along the body the nerve cords. In vertebrates, and with maximal contrast, the central nervous system runs along the dorsal (top) surface as a single tube culminating in a bulbous brain at the front end. The entire digestive system then runs along the body axis the nerve cord.
    Stephen Jay Gould

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