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Bladder is a term used to describe an organ in the body that stores urine. There are several synonyms for the term bladder that can be used in different contexts to describe this organ. Some commonly used synonyms for bladder include cyst, vesicle, sac, bladder bag, reservoir, and flexure. These words are often used in medical terminology to describe the bladder organ and its functions. Additionally, some slang terms for bladder include pee bag, pisser, and urine holder. Regardless of the term used, the bladder plays an essential role in the body, and any issues with its function can lead to significant health concerns.

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The human bladder is a receiver and expander of urine and feces. It is located below the bladder neck in the pelvis. The bladder extends from the body to the urethra. The overall size of a person's bladder can vary from 2-5 inches long and ½-1 inch in diameter. The interior of the bladder is lined with a diverse group of cells that produce urethral juice (mucus) to lubricate and protect the bladder's interior. The bladder also contains numerous smooth muscle cells that help contract and expel urine and feces. Constipation is one common symptom of a deficient or restricted bladder.

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