What is another word for entoprocta?

Pronunciation: [ɛntˈɒpɹɒktə] (IPA)

"Entoprocta" is a scientific term that refers to a phylum of tiny animals that live in aquatic environments. These creatures are also known as "cycliophorans" or "goblet worms." They are named for their cylindrical or goblet-shaped bodies, which are often covered in cilia or hair-like structures that help them move through the water. Entoprocta are filter feeders, using their tentacle-like arms to capture small particles of food from the surrounding water. While these animals may be unfamiliar to many people, they are an important part of aquatic ecosystems and serve as a food source for larger organisms.

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Usage examples for Entoprocta

The former is the only representative in fresh water of the entoprocta and has only been found in N. America.
"Freshwater Sponges, Hydroids & Polyzoa"
Nelson Annandale

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