What is another word for entourage?

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Entourage refers to a group of people that accompany or support a person, especially a VIP. However, there are various synonyms for the word that can be used for different contexts. For instance, "posse" emphasizes a group of loyal supporters. "Retinue" is often used for describing the group of attendants or officials that accompany diplomats or royalty. "Cortege" is a more formal word used for describing a procession of people, such as a funeral or wedding. "Entourage" can also be replaced by the word "entourage," which often emphasizes the power and wealth of the people being accompanied. Each synonym has its connotations, so it's essential to choose the right one depending on the situation.

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    The term "entourage" generally connotes a group of people around a person in a position of power or status, whether it be a president, celebrity, or business executive. People often surround themselves with those who share their interests and beliefs, both to insulate themselves from criticism and to create a loyal support system. This support can be a key factor in helping someone achieve their goals, whether it be professional or personal.

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