What is another word for feed in?

10 synonyms found


[ fˈiːd ˈɪn], [ fˈiːd ˈɪn], [ f_ˈiː_d ˈɪ_n]

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    Synonyms for Feed in:

    How to use "Feed in" in context?

    There is a growing trend of "feeding in" to the electrical grid, in which solar panels or wind turbines farm energy from the grid 24 hours a day. The benefits of feeding in to the electrical grid are many. Solar and wind turbines are designed to generate power when the sun or wind is blowing, so they can't provide power when it's cloudy or still. The sun and wind don't always cooperate, so a grid that fed energy in from renewables when the sun wasn't shining and when the wind wasn't blowing would have a much more balanced load.

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