What is another word for inclose?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the word "inclose," which refers to the act of surrounding or enclosing something. These include "enclose," "envelop," "surround," "encircle," "contain," "circle," "compass," "hem in," and "border." Each of these synonyms conveys a slightly different nuance, such as "envelop" implying a sense of wrapping or enveloping, while "encircle" emphasizes a circular or rounded shape. Regardless of the specific synonym used, the overall meaning of "inclose" remains the same: to enclose or surround something within a defined boundary or area.

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What are the hypernyms for Inclose?

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What are the opposite words for inclose?

The word "inclose" is often used to indicate enclosing or surrounding an object or space. Its antonyms, on the other hand, refer to the opposite meaning of opening up, freeing, or exposing. Some of the antonyms for "inclose" are: open, release, free, uncover, unblock, unbar, unseal, unfasten, detach, separate, unchain, disengage, unshackle, and loose. These words are often used to denote the opposite action of securing, confining, or trapping an object or space. Knowing the antonyms of "inclose" can help writers and speakers to precisely convey their intended message and avoid confusion.

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Usage examples for Inclose

Upon King's-wood, five miles from Birmingham, and two hundred yards east of the Alcester-road, runs a bank for near a mile in length, unless obliterated by the new inclosure; for I saw it complete in 1775. This was raised by the famous Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, about 1324, to inclose a wood, from whence the place derives its name.
"An History of Birmingham (1783)"
William Hutton
Only the one to Amalia he did not inclose, but carried it out and mailed it himself.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
These two lines inclose every part of the earth's surface from which at that time any eclipse whatever could be seen, and at this moment the partial eclipse was just beginning at every point on the eastern edge of the penumbra and just ending at every point on the western edge, while at the center of the penumbra, on the Path of Total Eclipse, lay the shadow of the moon, an oval patch whose greatest diameter was but little more than 60 miles in length, and within which lay every part of the earth where the eclipse was total at that moment.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock

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